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Jade Bronzefoot, Archduke of Chalace

Here is one of Ramon’s best full-color illustrations yet.


  • halfling
  • three feet, three inches tall
  • stocky build
  • facially, he resembles a round-faced middle-aged Sting
  • blond, curly hair
  • slightly pointed ears
  • his left eye has been replaced by a magical diamond, through which he can see as a normal eye
  • there is a faint scar extending the length of the right side of his face
  • His right leg was severed below the knee, and is replaced by a bronze foot, articulated, as with an armoured solleret or sabaton, but with a semblance of toes.
  • His other foot is a normal halfling foot: large and hairy.
  • His body proportions should be squat: compare http://diterlizzi.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/halfling1.jpg not slender, as inhttp://www.canonfire.com/wiki/images/1/18/Halfling02.jpg attached is a diagram that may be helpful

  • haubergeon of silvered steel
  • with pauldrons of hardened leather at the shoulders
  • over this, he wears a fur breechcloth
  • and over this breechcloth, at his waist he wears a magical leather girdle decorated with rubies
  • at his waist is also a leather ‘budget’ - http://visualiseur.bnf.fr/ConsulterElementNum?O=IFN-8100028&E=JPEG&Deb=26&Fin=26&Param=C
  • on his hands he wears a pair of armoured gauntlets that are too big for him (they were meant for a human)
  • his legs are bare
  • he wears a purple elven cloak about his shoulders, with ermine trim


Additional Notes:

  • hanging on the wall behind him, a round shield, with an extremely battered and knicked bronze rim
  • it is green, bearing the emblem of a golden foot
  • a large magical trident leans up against the chair behind him, as in:
  • http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-bF3uoFolU5k/Ta5lX-G18BI/AAAAAAAAAcI/6HBt8orFzgU/s1600/lizard+king.gif
  • the prongs of the trident also glow greenIs it possible to have one version without a caption, and the other with the caption?” J A D E Archduke of Chalace”