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“Thank you – these are great and I’ve really enjoyed this process. I think you have an awesome service here and it’s something I’ve looked around for…Character tool, concept draft, 2nd draft and then inked final is a great way to do it.”
- Lenny, www.DarkTheatre.net

“My first observation is that the customer care process is first rate…I rather enjoyed the experience. I like the character illustration too.”
- Andrew, from a review on www.GeekNative.com

“The character pic is great, my gaming group is really for this kinda thing.”
- Tony

“The rest of my RPG group wants character sketches, too, so you will hear from me again!”
- Andeas

“Hi Craig,
I’m very satisfied with the Illustration. I like the colors and the artist did a great job with the shadows. The background looks great.
I will highly recommend your service to my gaming group, just your service was recommended to me ;) .
I will come back to you as soon as I rolled up a character for another game .
Thanks for the friendly contact.”
- Oliver

“The artists’ willingness to work with you to create the sort of portrait you want for your character is great and Neil Que is excellent; I’m beyond satisfied. And Craig’s approach to handling orders on a personal level–corresponding with you regularly–make the whole process a lot of fun!”

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