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About Us

RPGCharacterIllustrations provides hand-drawn custom character illustrations to role-playing gamers.

Our focus is on attention to detail, fast turn around time, and amazing customer service.

Over half of our customers order a second illustration or refer a friend to our site.

Order an illustration and experience the quality service we provide.

Our Story

Growing up I gamed with a talented illustrator.

He’d draw our character, our enemies, and the epic clashes between the two.

It was great to see the fictional world we’d created as a group sitting there on paper the next time we got together.

I live about 1000 miles away from him now and I’ve found a great new group of people to play with, but no one draws.

I realized there were likely other gamers in my same situation. So after gathering some artists together to draw my own character, I thought I’d offer the service to the gaming community.

Take a look at our character gallery and if you’re missing out on a crucial piece of the experience, like I was, order an illustration.

Talk to you soon,

Owner, Operator, Gamer

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